Friday, July 10, 2009

Will we let go of technological advances for self-awareness.

I was starting to think to myself, maybe one day we will start to be more self-aware of why were here. Some people might have a different perspective on this but I think we are here to live and to make connections with people.

I realized that technology is breaking a new ground in our everyday lives. Rather then actually talking to someone its all done through text messaging and going on AIM, MSN, etc. the internet is now the quickest way to get any kind of information. There applications on our phones that scan bar codes to see where you can get something cheaper, in my opinion thats actually kind of scary when you think about it. we have somehow come so far in technology we have forgotten what its like to actually conect with people, our machines are doing everything for us. Back when I look at the movie Wall-E, everything in that movie is based upon whats to come in our future, yes I know im one of those people cause here I am talking and chatting on the computer, but its part of life and I benefit from it, Wall-E shows what is evident on the future of the human race, there was a scene in that movie where the man and woman touch hands and they forgotten what if felt like to touch another human being. In a way a lot of us have lost that sense sociably.

I would like to say myself, if I have something important to say, I will say it in person. It will mean a lot more then through my cell phone or my text box of some sort.

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